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Welcome to Spiralcraft

Spiralcraft, Inc. provides software products and services to support the rapid development of web applications and other forms of Internet software.

The Spiralcraft Platform provides common functionality to accelerate the development of reliable, maintainable, interactive, data-rich Internet applications for a variety of public and private uses.

We provide our platform to our customers under an open source license, and make improvements on a continual basis.

Who are we?

Spiralcraft, Inc. is operated by its founder, Michael Toth, an experienced software architect and the creative force behind the Spiralcraft Platform. Spiralcraft works with independent software professionals, such as application developers, graphic artists and project managers, to form or augment project teams.

Our teams are small, well coordinated, and composed of professionals who excel in the practice of applying information technology to streamline business processes and create unique experiences.

We understand the interplay between business and technology from a strategic perspective and at the intimate level of detail required to achieve success. We value long term relationships with our customers, and thus we emphasize durable, flexible solutions tailored to real business needs.

As a company, we have been providing quality solutions to our customers since 1998. Michael has been creating software professionally since 1990.

What can we do for you?

We can help you to:

  • build unique, data-rich public web experiences, that may feature
    • dynamic content
    • complex object oriented data models
    • responsive interactivity
    • thousands of simultaneous users
  • reduce business overhead costs with public and private Internet applications that
    • manage records electronically and automate workflows
    • eliminate manual data handling tasks
    • facilitate telecommuting, which reduces rent and travel costs.
    • supply real-time information about your business processes
    • provide self-service customer support
    • are resource efficient and have minimal hardware requirements
    • can be deployed and managed by us, on our servers, your servers, or by a third party.
    • can be purchased on a subscription basis
  • create a web application or your own domain specific framework based on our platform by
    • giving you a free copy of the Spiralcraft Platform, which provides an extensible, performant and portable foundation layer.
    • providing guidance and assistance during the evolution and development of your domain architecture.
    • integrating third party products with the Spiralcraft Platform to support your existing technology ecosystem.
    • enhancing the capabilities of the Spiracraft Platform to make your development process more efficient
    • sourcing or managing ancillary services such as server provisioning and administration, DNS, source code repositories, issue tracking applications, and other necessary components of a successful project.

How can I learn more?

Our brand new wiki is here .

We thank you for your patience while we populate our wiki. We encourage your questions and requests..

For more information on how a Spiralcraft solution can benefit your organization, send mail to info@spiralcraft.com or call us at 510.525.2360.